The Vidwans Family

The Vidwans Family

From Anjarle
to Ahmedabad
                             to America

The Vidwans Family
From Anjarle
To Ahmedabad
To America
Shishir -Ila
Bharat - Neela
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Jughead is no more ...

It is very sad that Jughead is no more with us. He had been sick for some time. He had trouble with his movements. We had to lift him to bring him out. He could not walk even upto the mail box. He had stopped eating. He started throwing up and could not keep medicine.

He was 5-week old and 5 lbs when we got him in Feb 1992.He weighed 65 lbs when he was fully grown. A couple of years back he came down to 54 lbs, a couple of weeks back he was 40 lbs and when we took him to the vet for the last time on Feb 20th, he weighed only 34 lbs. The vet said he had nothing left in him.

He was very clean and very very gentle dog, always wanted to be around people. He never chewed on anybody's shoes or socks, never destroyed any furniture though he loved to get on the couch when we were not around. He wouldsit by the staircase and would wait for some one to come down.

Now when we come home, the house feels empty. We think about him every moment in the kitchen as he would be sitting there all the time. We miss him very much ! ! !

  Jughead   Jughead   Jughead   Jughead   Jughead   Jughead

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