The Vidwans Family

The Vidwans Family

From Anjarle
to Ahmedabad
                             to America

The Vidwans Family
From Anjarle
To Ahmedabad
To America
Shishir -Ila
Bharat - Neela
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Jughead is no more ...   

  Jughead   Jughead

Ranjeet, Vadik and Sudip along with Shaila went in search of a puppy when Ashok was defeated in voting at home about getting the puppy. Also Ranjeet had left the Vidwans household and there arose this need for a replacement.

Jughead came to the Vidwans family in February of 1992 when he was 6-week old and weighed 5 lbs. He could fit on 1 tile in the kitchen. For first few days he slept in a small box. He jumped and jumped when he wanted to get out. He was trained very quickly, in just one week end. He has been a very clean dog all along.

He attended Weber training school for 6 weeks and was the last one to graduate from his batch. He has mind of his own, did not like to play much in the yard. While playing frisbee, in 3 or 4 runs, he would be out and declare the inning and sit down and stare at you.

The move from Plainsboro to East Windsor did not bother him much except that instead of going to the back yard, he has to walk upto the end of the street now. His favorite place is to sit undet the dinnette at the dinner time or sit at the foot of the stair case and wait for some one to come down.

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